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.hack//Quarantine Part 4 (PlayStation 2, 2004)

.hack//Quarantine Part 4 (PlayStation 2, 2004)
.hack//Quarantine Part 4 (PlayStation 2, 2004)
.hack//Quarantine Part 4 (PlayStation 2, 2004)
.hack//Quarantine Part 4 (PlayStation 2, 2004)
.hack//Quarantine Part 4 (PlayStation 2, 2004)

Product Information

  • Get ready to race against the clock to save the life of Orca before the servers are shut down in the final installment of the .hack series. "Quarantine" is the final entry for the .hack titles and completely wraps up all loose ends. Players are able to upload data from the third installment to start with better characters and advanced play features. If you've followed the .hack franchise this far, you will find "Quarantine" to be a worthy ending."Quarantine" is a direct sequel to the previous .hack game on the PlayStation 2, "Outbreak." "Quarantine" is part four in the series, and the story picks up right from the cliffhanger ending with multiple twists and turns throughout. No stone is left unturned as CyberConnect2 ties up the plots started in the previous three games. This PS2 title welcomes those who are familiar with the previous games' combat systems and its large cast of layered, complex characters. This simulated role-playing title offers advanced enemies who are even trickier to beat. The developer throws its hardest challenges at the player, prompting you to create new strategies. You must use every trick in the .hack handbook to come out victorious. The bosses in this PlayStation 2 title are particularly challenging. The story in this title takes roughly 50 to 60 hours to complete. However, multiple features extend the gameplay and fun even further. Expand the game's capabilities by making use of side quests and following the objectives to collect special items. Make it to the end, and you discover hidden combatants, offering even more replay value. There was so much to fit on one DVD disc that the developers couldn't include the ending: The conclusion of the franchise is told on an anime DVD that is packaged with the software.While the software looks and plays similarly to the first three .hack games, it features improvements to bring the nostalgia alive with a new energy. The in-game browser is streamlined and even easier to use. Controlling Kite is simpler than ever thanks to a tightening of the controls, and improved AI makes every character more fun to interact with. The combat systems, while similar to previous titles, have also received an upgrade. Kite himself learns new abilities, letting him decimate crowds of enemies at one time. Bandai has also added the option to hear the sounds in both English and Japanese. It's easy to enjoy these enhanced features with your data for "Outbreak" because you can port over your game information into "Quarantine."This video game has earned a rating of T for Teen from the Entertainment Software Rating Board due to the violence and adult themes found within the game. This PlayStation game is a fitting end to an excellent series of games. Since its release date in 2004, the last part of the .hack story has held the hearts of fans new and old. Its sharp graphics and excellent combat make it worth playing time and again. Fans of the series couldn't have asked for a better final game.

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    Role Playing
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    Sony PlayStation 2
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    NTSC-U/C (US/Canada)

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    .hack//Quarantine Part 4
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    Mature Sexual Themes, Mild Language, Violence
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    Carry over data from part three and hit the ground running Comes with bonus DVD .hack//Liminality vol.4: Trismegistus Listen to dialogue in either English or Japanese
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